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Happy Louis


Who is Happy Louis™?


Happy Louis is a happy little playful dog.

Happy Louis lives in Paris. Along with his friends Jian from China, Jack the Canadian, Babou the Namibian,  
Martin the American, Conor the Irish and his girlfriend Yuka from Japan, they discover the world through their interaction
with other cultures.

Happy Louis will grow to appreciate and respect his friends' cultural differences.


What kind of education can Happy Louis™ offer our precious children

around the world ?       


We at Happy Louis™ believe every child should learn etiquette, a quality that will prove to be invaluable in their lives.

Though the world is becoming increasingly standardised, there still remains cultural and educational differences
and with all our technological and transportation advances, this world and all its beauty along with its varying cultures
will become so accessible to our children as they journey through their lives. 

Educating children from an early age on the basic rules of life is essential in ensuring a harmonious adaptation
in our ever increasing multicultural environment.

We believe that “Elegance is an attitude”. It is imperative we offer our children the best possible education allowing them to integrate pleasantly using their learned rules of etiquette in any multicultural scenario they may encounter.
We offer lessons in moral values including courage, forgiveness, friendship, respect and openness to the values of other cultures around the world.


How do we impart these values and cultural awareness to our children?


Through books.

We believe books are an integral aspect in the communication between a child and an adult.

We are in a time where computers and electronic tablets are so prevalent in our lives and although they are very helpful tools,
there remains no substitute for the genuine bond of communication established through an adult reading audibly together with a child, we believe it remains the most effective initial mode of learning.

Through the use of books demonstrating joyful stories coupled with life lessons, both the child and the parent will gain a whole-hearted educational experience. 

Happy Louis being the main character and the choice of creating an array of various animal characters with diverse cultural backgrounds is sure to appeal to our children and gain their interest as they learn about cultural differences from around the world and the need for mutual respect.

Paris, a city well known for its decorum and an arena for dreams has been chosen as the main setting for the adventures

and stories of Happy Louis and friends. 



And what about design?


Being a designer, Blandine Cantaloube the creator of Happy Louis™ meticulously emphasises elegance and aesthetic appeal
in all the shapes, objects and characters created paying close attention to details.

Through books, toys, clothing, furniture and accessories for children, we will expand Happy Louis™ globally making it a cherished household name among our precious children and parents alike.

From the cradle to the playground, we offer a range of timeless and quality oriented pieces, from tee-shirts to mug
to lunch box and more, making Happy Louis a worldwide primary companion for our children. 

Happy Louis mug
Happy Louis flip flop
Happy Louis lunch box
Happy Louis car mug
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